Friday, 10 June 2011

College Radio Show

I have now finished my radio show that I created for Unit 44 of Btec Media Studies, we added our talking and then editted it all so there were no mistakes left on the final piece, then we added all the songs that we introduce during the show. The final piece sounds good, and I have done my best effort to not leave any gaps between talking and music and I think it is sounding really good.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Finshed Our filming.

Our filming took place in Boothstown and in the college studio. We filmed Ben Bonnar and his girlfiend Sophie walking alone and then eventually together, it all took place in very heavy rain. The studio scenes involved Ben and Sophie in white T-shirts, with a white background behind them and then doing strange things together. They ripped up a newspaper, span around together, played Xbox and pulled faces at each other. We used a standard DV camera for our filming. My responsibility in this project was joint camera operator with Jordan and also joint editor with Ben. I learned how to edit during this project and how to get good shots of people with the camera.
During the editing process, we used a capture camera to get our footage onto the editting computers and then began mixing our shots together so our video made sense and was in time with the beat of the song. We didn't use many effects in our video apart from some colour changes and a fade to white at the end of the video. My role in editng was making sure the video was in time with the beat of the song. Ben and Jordan aided me with this process so we could all be happy with the outcome.
It was a fun and helpful project and I am looking forward to further editing whilst studying Media.
All filming took place on 15th January and 31st January.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Filming on Campus

We've just spent an hour or so filming around Pendleton College, we were filming a tour of the college for people who don't know their way around. We showed the entrance, the reception, the coffee shop, the quad, the smoking shelter and also the canteen. We finished the video with a shot of the media corridor and Abby saying goodbye to the viewers, Ben Bonnar was also a presenter in this video.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Ben bonnar is defo gay. i have been suspecting him of homoerotic activities for a while now. but soon i will end his life

Friday, 1 October 2010

Finished Unit 7

In this unit I was asked to research a Radio Producer and then create a script pretending to be a Radio Producer and talk about the job, the salary and what it's like to be one. We had to create a storyboard to show what camera shots we were gonna use for each shot.
I got most of my information from job websites and Wikipedia, the script writing was easy enough just used things i knew about the career to design a script talking about it all. The storyboard wasn't too difficult as we were restricted to only 3 shots, so i just flicked through the 3 we were allowed and fitted it in with the script.
We used a tripod to film the script when we read it out.
We then put the videos on the computer and editted them together to get rid of the gaps inbetween shots.